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Fundraising that is FUN, SIMPLE, and ECOLOGICAL!

What is the Recycle Rewards School Fundraising Program?

Fundraising Made Simple

Participating groups such as schools, nonprofits, individuals and businesses can earn money by collecting and sending in toner and inkjet printer cartridges. There are numerous sources from which you can collect these items in any community. Students, parents and businesses are great sources for these unwanted items.

No Selling Required

With Recycle Rewards there is NO SELLING, EVER! Just collect toner and inkjet printer cartridges, send them in and get paid! There is no cost for you. We even pay for shipping!

Child Safety

Most fundraising requires door-to-door soliciting. The Recycle Rewards program is structured so that your children are never at risk while learning about preserving the environment and raising money.

Adopt-Our-Group Campaign

Most schools close for the summer, but businesses do not! This makes collecting toner and inkjet printer cartridges possible throughout the year. The Recycle Rewards program makes sense for any school or organization. Most businesses are community conscious and are eager to contribute to educational needs and environmental causes.